About the Almeria Province

Over the past few decades, Almeria has become an increasingly popular destination for both tourism and immigration to Spain.

Mojacar Almeria Spain 


The Region


Almeria is a province in South East Spain. It is in Andalusia and is bordered by the provinces of Granada and Murcia.

The most prevalent landscapes in Almeria are mountainous ones, having said that the province also boasts the only dessert environment in Europe. More than 40% of the population lives in the mountainous areas with the remainder almost exclusively living on or around the Mediterranean coastline.

The principle towns and cities of Almeria are Almeria, El Ejido, Roquetas de Mar, Níjar, Adra, Vicar, Hércal-Overa, Berja, Huércal de Almería, Vera, Cuevas del Almanzora and Albox.

The economy of Almeria is still driven by intensive agriculture; the western side of the province is dedicated to vegetable and fruit farming and processing. Vast areas dedicated to greenhouse farming are quite a sight in and around El Ejido. The service sectors of tourism and hospitality are also important contributors to the economy together with the industrial quarrying.


The region has a very diverse climate. Areas contrasts starkly with each other. The coastal climate is Mediterranean with long hot summers and warm winters. The average rainfall is less than 200mm per year and there is no rainfall in the summer months. In stark contrast to this are the mountainous regions such as the Sierra Nevadas where the ground remains frozen solid for a few months a year and there is sufficient snowfall for there to be ski resorts.

Getting There

By Car - Almeria accessible by car and is served by major routes from across Europe.

By Rail - Alemeria is on the national rail network and connections can be made via the central hubs of Madrid and Barcelona providing for easy connections to many destinations in Europe.  

By Bus - Euroline and Alsa both service the Almeria region from many destinations right across Europe and the rest of Spain.

By Ferry - There are ferry routes between Almeria and Melilla, Algeria and Morocco.

By Air - Almeria International Airport has internal flights as well as flights to destinations across Europe.

Population: approx. 684,426 Capital: Almeria
Spanish Residents: 85.8% Area: 8,774 km2
Climate: Cool Mountains, semi-arid desert and Mediterranean. Languages: Spanish

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