Desert Springs, Almanzora (Almeria)

Sir Ian Botham, OBE and Daily Thompson CBE both own properties in Desert Springs and is a part of the publicity on the website. So what about the golf?

Desert Springs Golf Club House

Desert springs is an impressive place for certain, with very exclusive facilities and an impeccable service to its clients.

The course is a par 72 and was opened in 2000. The Arizona desert theme fits well into the arid surroundings. The greens and fairways are very well maintained and every last attention to detail appears to be taken care of.

The facilities include a spa, restaurant, clubhouse, with fantastic changing room facilities and the accommodation can be found by renting some of the amazing properties that there are onsite.

You may even wish to take up a spot of fishing or scuba diving from the Villaricos coastal resort also owned and run by Almanzora. Rental accommodation is also available there too and is only a short drive away from the golf course itself.

If you are looking for a cheap round of golf we recommend you not play desert springs. This is an up market course and with the exception of the occasional special offers you need to be prepared to put your hands in your pockets.

 However you certainly will get what you pay for and may even bump into a celebrity or two!

Aereal view over desert springs

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