About the Toledo Province

Toledo has been a centre of population since the Bronze Age. It was the political centre and capital of Spain, under Spain’s many conquerors, until the 16th century. The city of Toledo is a world heritage site. This is due to the fact its architecture; archaeology; and culture still reflect some truly pivotal events and cultures that participated in the building of the Europe we see today.

Toledo Spain

The Region

Toledo is located in Central Spain. It is in the region of Castile-La Mancha and is bordered by Avila, Cuenca, Madrid, Ciudad Real, Badajoz and Caceres. The city of Toledo is the Capital of Castile-La Mancha.

As a province, Toledo covers a large area in comparison to its population size. The area is mountainous with high altitude plateaus, river valleys and streams running through it. Population levels have historically not expanded due to the lack of suitable land available for the intensive farming required to support population growth. Talavera de la Reina and Toledo are the largest cities in the province of Toledo other towns of note are Illescas, Seseña and Torrijos.

The provinces income is generated almost exclusively by the service sectors of tourism and hospitality. Construction and industrial activities are the next biggest contributors to the economy. Toledo is well renowned for its metalworking, ceramics and glass making. Agriculture accounts for less than 2% of Toledo’s economy.


The region has a Mediterranean climate. However, the entire region is well above sea level meaning that the winters are cooler with some snowfall and temperatures reaching below 0 °C. During the summer months temperatures consistently rise above 30 °C. The average rainfall is less than 400mm per year (15 inches).

Getting There

By Car - Its closeness to Madrid ensures that Toledo is easily accessible by car and is served by major routes from across Europe.

By Rail - Toledo is on the Madrid line of Spain’s high-speed train network. Toledo is 30 minutes by train from Madrid this provides for easy connections to many destinations in Europe.  

By Bus - Euroline and Alsa both service the Toledo region from many destinations right across Europe and the rest of Spain.

By Ferry - N/A.

By Air - The nearest airport is in Madrid. Madrid is the international hub for flights coming in from internal cities as well as flights to and from right across the world.

Population: approx. 1,230,594 Capital: Toledo
Spanish Residents: 95% Area: 15,370 km2
Climate: Mediterranean Languages: Spanish

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