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Alicante Airport cuts tax for airlines that offer new destinations

Gareth Jenkins - Saturday, December 01, 2012

El Altet, airport in Alicante, Spain has announced that it will provide a 50% discount to airlines using the airport if they open new destinations for passengers in 2013.

The new incentive has been provided to the airlines in a means to reduce the bad debts that the new terminal has incurred.

Rumour has it that the terminal was built to accommodate the growing increase of "Low cost" flights leaving Alicante each day, operated by airlines such as Ryanair and Easy jet.  

Low Cost Airlines Alicante
Now that Ryanair has cut many of its destinations from Alicante after an on going dispute with AENA, it has meant that AENA has been caught in the middle of a world recession and a petty squabble that has forced them to come up with new solutions.

The new destinations from Alicante provided by other airlines will hopefully create a new influx of tourism to the area and hopefully boost the local economy and property market.

The question being, should AENA eat humble pie and give in to Ryanair's demands?

- Gareth Jenkins

With more than 10 years experience in the Spanish property industry, Gareth can provide recommendations and also offer professional assistance with all the technical aspects of buying, selling or renting a property in Spain.

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